The online VIDEO-BASED Evaluator Training and Certification System from My Learning Plan Inc.
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Evaluation Simulation

Simulate the entire evaluation process online for training and certification purposes. Include video observations and conferences as well as artifacts and "other measures" for evidence collection, alignment to rubrics, and rubric scoring.

Video-based Training

Use video to practice collecting evidence and aligning evidence to rubrics. Video timestamps allow for bookmarking, clip editing and lesson review.


Enable teachers to become familiar with rubrics through the process of evidence collection and alignment, providing valuable insight around evaluation expectations and processes.

Evaluator Certification

Customize individual metrics and thresholds to be used for certification & calibration. Generate graphical reports to ensure fidelity to educator evaluation models.

Team-based Dialogue

Engage cohorts in collaborative online reflection to deepen the learning and to explore learning results to support the development of inter-rater reliability.

Extreme Flexibility

Allow education organization leaders to create and implement flexible training and certification plans for all staff, and view reports to monitor progress.

  • Select any rubric from our pre-configured research-based options or upload your own
  • Select a video library or upload your own
  • Select artifacts or multiple measures or upload your own

Mix and match video, rubrics and multiple measures to build comprehensive simulations for all educators!

Mobile apps coming soon!