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Welcome to Elevate Colorado! The Colorado Department of Education thanks you for your interest in the Inter-Rater Agreement Project. Our hope is that this tool will provide educators with supports to enhance professional growth opportunities for educators.
These videos are available to all educators to promote a common understanding of the professional practices for teachers that are part of the Colorado State Model Evaluation System. Because evaluation is a complex process, these videos are intended to provide one possible source of professional development for inter-rater agreement. Schools and districts can use these videos as part of a larger professional development plan for inter-rater agreement.
Elevate Colorado User's Guide
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The System

What is Elevate Colorado?

To support fair and consistent evaluations, CDE is developing tools to promote common interpretations of teacher quality and help evaluators provide useful and actionable feedback to educators. One such tool is Elevate Colorado, an online inter-rater agreement training system, developed in partnership with My Learning Plan. This online system helps evaluators develop a deeper understanding of the professional practices embodied the Colorado State Model Evaluation System's teacher rubric. Using the system, educators can view short videos of practicing teachers, align observable professional practices from Standards I-III of the Colorado State Model Evaluation System rubric and then receive feedback showing how close their alignment is compared to that of master scorers.

Elevate Colorado User's Guide

These videos were produced and posted to this website with voluntary written permission from all parties who appear in the videos including program staff, volunteers and parents/guardians on their own behalf and that of their children. These videos are NOT extracted in any form from child assessment records, but rather were produced by CDE for professional development activities.

Professional Growth

How Can I Use Elevate Colorado for professional growth?

For Individual Professional Development

Any Colorado educator can use this system to view video clips of lessons. Select an elementary, middle or high school video and practice aligning the professional practices and evidence. When finished, click on the Evidence Comparison tab to compare your results to that of the Master Scorers. For additional practice, two videos are provided at each level.

For Staff Development

Because this is an online system, staff can view videos and align evidence prior to coming together. Once together, staff can review the results, refer back to evidence in the video, and calibrate by comparing evidence to that of the master scorers. This practice allows for rich discussion that can uncover inconsistencies and/or bias in observation as well as support staff in coming to consensus on what is high quality implementation of the teacher Quality Standards. In addition, these video clips can be used to generate discussion about the type of coaching conversations and support that could be offered to the teacher.

For Evaluator Training

Training for evaluators can incorporate each of the above recommendations. However, we know that this is the very first step in “norming” or “calibrating,” so during the 2013-14 school year, CDE will continue to build “teaching cases” that will include a broader body of evidence to support the calculation of an overall rating for professional practices. We know that with more videos and practice, evaluators will refine their skills in aligning evidence to the rubric for a more accurate and fair assessment of teacher performance.

Aligning Professional Practices

How were professional practices aligned in the videos?

CDE held a two-day session where Master Scorers calibrated their thinking by reviewing videos and coming to agreement on the final evidence. Through this process, the Master Scorers determined that they would only align practices that were explicit and high quality examples of the professional practices.

There may be multiple examples of the same professional practice within a video, but in most cases we limited the alignment to one-two examples of each. For example, students may be engaged and working in groups throughout a lesson segment, but we tried to align it only once or twice during the video clip.

In addition, Standard II, Classroom Environment provided a special challenge for Master Scorers. Many of these classroom examples did not have explicit examples of a teacher addressing classroom culture or student behaviors because students were on task and performing as expected. We decided that because the goal was to show explicit examples of the teacher’s practice that we would not align professional practices unless it was evident that the teacher was addressing it in that moment. In actual practice, this would be a conversation with the teacher later about how the teacher established the practices and routines that encourage positive culture and appropriate student behavior.

Verify Email Address

Why Do I Need to Verify My Email Address?

To ensure proper use of the system and maintain integrity of the video and calibration process, My Learning Plan incorporates a verification system to ensure that email addresses are real and that the system is available for the intended user.

Because CDE is providing this system as a resource, it is up to districts to determine use. CDE will not be collecting or using data for any purposes other than to improve the system.

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